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Felicia (2013)

Theatre performance, 40 min. Created by Shari Sabel Strandmark and Moa Silen. Inspired by interviews with women aged 17-25, who grew up with abusive parents.

”So many times I’ve been at home wonder where my dad is. Thinking; he should have been home a long time ago. I wonder where he is, what he’s doing, if he’s alive. There’ve been so many times where I thought; No, he’s dead, because he’s fallen on the track or he’s jumped from the bridge. I do not know…why doesn’t he answer his phone?”

Reference person, 21, FELICIA project.

We meet Felicia, 21, who tells us her life story. In a conversation with the audience Felicia talks about loneliness, responsibility and concern, but also about laughter and love. She desperately hopes that her father will one day stop drinking and become well. How is it possible to miss someone you see every day?

CREATED BY Moa Silén and Shari Sabel Strandmark
CAST Moa Silén
DIRECTOR Shari Sabel Strandmark
ROOM & COSTUME Anja Ruehle
PHOTO Philoméne Grandin and Minna Wallin

The FELICIA group responsible for this project is an independent part of Sharikompaniet. The FELICIA group was formed in 2012 by six people aged 18-30 on the basis of a common desire to break the stigma and taboo that thousands of young people experience through living with one or two parents who abuse drugs or alcohol. The group’s work is based on four of its members’ own lives and experiences.

The production is cooperating with ESS-gymnasiet, Ersta Vändpunkten, Maskrosbarn, Gertrude & Ivar Philipsons Stiftelse, Svenska Institutet, Society for animation and development of children’s drama creativity in Serbia as well as Skandia Idéer för livet-stiftelsen.

A WARM THANKS to all of the young women who shared their experiences with us. Without your participation this performance would not have been possible.

Translation from Swedish to English: Sofie Kinnefors