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About us

Innovadora Stockholm is an Swedish non-profit organisation, awarded for its international work on gender, democracy, social integration. Innovadora Stockholm works from an anthropological and ethical perspective dedicated to assume a social responsibility the projects involve the participants throughout the entire process. Innovadora Stockholm was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2008 and carries through projects in Guatemala, Mexico, Ethiopia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine and Serbia.

Shari Sabel Strandmark

Shari works as an award-winning director and producer for theatre and film and has worked in Sweden, Spain, Guatemala and Serbia. She is particularly interested in creating dynamic portraits focusing on gender issues, portrayal of young people in exposed social situations and socio-political structures. Shari is a frequently invited speaker at schools and human rights organisations and has studied Politics and Philosophy at Uppsala University in Sweden. Visit to watch showreel.

Roberto Nello

Roberto holds a degree in International Cooperation and specializes in Microfinance and Entrepreneurship. He is an expert in mentoring processes applied to business consolidation, passionate about economics and social enterprise and ethical banking. He has participated in the design and delivery of training programs in entrepreneurship, microfinance, leadership and volunteer management in different countries and socio-economic contexts such as Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Guatemala, Botswana, Ethiopia. Roberto is an engaged workshop facilitator and enjoys motivating and mobilizing towards action the people who attend their trainings.

Simon Revilla

Simon is a filmmaker and producer for theatre. He has studied at the film school at the Praque Film School and his documentaries and short films have won several awards in Sweden and internationally.

Edgar Chavéz Hernández

Edgar is photographer and graduated in Social Anthopology and Communication at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico. His research focuses on political communication strategies centred on human rights. As part of his investigative work Edgar participates as psychosocial support and accompanies persons who have survived violence and abuse or are relatives of victims. He has developed a range of social educational projects together with organisations, associations, universities and companies.

Azusa Itagaki

Azusa is a performance artist, children’s book author, certified massage therapist and yoga teacher. Azusa has developed the concept of storytelling yoga and works with children and family within Stockholm municipalities. Azusa is a well skilled in health and wellness and is interested in the opportunities of multicultural exchange.

Anja Ruehle

Anja is a set & costume designer, artist, graphic designer and industrial designer. Educated at the Swedish national university of Dramatic Arts (STDH). Anja works as an artist and designs set and costumes for theatre, dance and opera in Sweden and Germany.

Palle Lindqvist

Palle is a director and editor and works internationally in television, film, theatre and performance. Palle examines the social and cultural aspects of concepts such as sexuality, gender, desire and normativity.

Johanna Emanuelsson

Johanna Emanuelsson is an award-winning playwright for theatre and film and has been engaged at Ung Scen Öst, Teater Tribunalen, Dramaten and Riksteatern.

Melissa Flores Quiroga

Melissa Flores Quiroga is an entrepreneur as well as graphic and industrial designer. She develops and manages courses and training programmes for schools and companies within the area of innovation and design.

Raquel Doradea

Raquel works as a forensic anthropologist specializing in human identification and searching for people who have disappeared during migration, armed conflict and organized crime. She is the founder of the forensic anthropology laboratory in Guatemala. Raquel has a lot of experience on initiating, running and reporting projects. She has worked in several countries in Latin America and she has a postgraduate degree in Criminal Sciences from the Mariano Gálvez University, Guatemala as well as Forensic Anthropology from the University of Granada, Spain.

Christer Fischier

Christer Fischier is a photographer and is always on the lookout for new people to photograph, outside in the streets or in his studio. Christer goes nowhere without his camara.

Leon Sparkes

Leon is a visual artist and illustrator. As an experienced freelance artist with a demonstrated history of working in the arts and crafts industry. Leon has lived and worked in South Korea and Japan and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Textiles and Illustrative Fine Art from The University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

Cristian Figueroa

Cristian is dedicated to the harmonious and internal development in communities and organisations through the methodology of tejeRedes. He is passionate about people creating webs of collaboration in order to maintain a good and healthy working environment.

Irene Rubio

Irene studied art history and film studies at Complutense University in Madrid and Stockholm University. She did an internship at Ingmar Bergman’s foundation at Stockholm Film Institute (SFI). Irene also trained as an actress at the Corazza International Studio for Actor in Madrid (among other schools). After a long career as a film, theatre and TV actress and as a costume designer for many productions in Spain and Sweden with her own vintage company ”Cordelia”, she is currently developing her great interest in sustainable development in Stockholm. During the past year, she has taken a course called ”Climate change theory and practice” at the Red Cross Folk High School in Stockholm. Read more about her project To Bee or not to bee.