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Ana turns 14 (2013)

Short film. 20 min.

Ana and her family live in a suburb outside of Guatemala City. Ana has dreams of becoming a doctor but only her brother is allowed to study. The day Ana turns 14 she realizes the difference between the life she wants to live and the one she is expected to live.

Ana turns 14 is a co-production with Imagitlán, Unicef, Fundación Sobrevivientes, Moralejas, Visualiza, TV USAC and CCUU in Guatemala with aid from SIDA Internationella programkontoret, Gertrude & Ivar Philipsons Stiftelse, ABF and Filmbasen in Sweden.

CAST Annie Rodriguez, Mercedes Fuentes, Angelo Medina, Hugo Linares, Miguel Salay, Wally Ana Lucia Cabreras
SCRIPT Nahuel Vazquez
DIRECTED BY Shari Sabel Strandmark
BASED UPON AN IDEA BY Shari Sabel Strandmark and Nahuel Vazquez
PRODUCER Shari Sabel Strandmark
CINEMATOGRAPHY Sara Murillo Cortés
EDITED BY Sara Murillo Cortés
SOUND DESIGN Luis Contreras
ORIGINAL MUSIC Rikard Borggård
SOUND ASSISTANT/BOOM Gustavo Contreras, Gisela Batz
PHOTO ASSISTANTS Antonio Barreras, Antonio Torres
PROJECT GUIDE Hans-Jörgen Riis Jensen and Herberth Meneses
PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS José Flores, Yasmin Rodriguez
PRODUCTION Sharikompaniet


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Through the campaign Flicka, the Swedish United Nations Association is working for girls’ rights and against child marriages both internationally with the UN Population Fund and in Sweden by influencing the Swedish legislation. For information see

Sharikompaniet welcomes the Swedish United Nations Association cooperation regarding the fight against child marriages. Through a joint distribution of the film ANA TURNS 14 we hope to contribute to an active debate about this problem.

Translation from Swedish to English: Sofie Kinnefors.