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To bee or not to bee

To bee or not to bee – That is the climate question

Interactive story and performance for and with children 5-8 years old.

This is the story about Uno who is eight years old and is concerned about the climate changes and the Mother Earth. One night he dreams about Mother Earth and she explains to him that she is ill and that she needs help. Uno decides to travel around the world and together with is new friends they try to understand what’s the matter with Mother Earth and how can they help her out to feel better.


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I am history

I am history (2017)

I am history offers the opportunity to young unaccompanied refugees in Sweden to engage in different recreational and dynamic activities such as yoga, dance, sports and painting during summer break. The project then continues into offering the participants the possibility to plan, write and direct their own stories for film in close collaboration with a skilled and professional film team. Young people express themselves sharing experiences, dreams and thoughts communicating through  images, sound and music.

This audiovisual production aims to create an essential platform for dialogue, reflection and understanding and a valuable meeting point between young people regardless of their ethnic origins. The young creators will also travel, present and promote their work at schools, organizations and film festivals.

DANCE/YOGA Azusa Itagaki
MENTOR Micaela Enciso
OTHER PHOTOGRAPHY the participants and the pedagogues
PRODUCER Shari Sabel Strandmark

THANK YOU Solna Bibliotek, Solna Ungdomscafé, Stina Nyström, Elsa Kvist, Frida Fleischer.  Shari Sabel Strandmark, Azusa Itagaki, Carmen López

The project is supported by Gertrude & Ivar Philipsons stiftelse and MUCF

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Gender in translation

Gender in Translation (2015)

How are women and girls portrayed on stage, in film and television in Serbia compared to Sweden? Through carrying through investigation, discussion and engaging various actors, experts, directors from Sweden and Serbia a complex and eye-opening discussion took place. Gender in translation is the first phase of an ongoing project between the two countries.

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Let’s Ask Pippi

Let’s Ask Pippi (2015)

Da Pitamo Pipi (Let’s Ask Pippi) is a pedagogic and dynamic theatre workshop engaging children in the age of 10 to 12 years. The young participants worked on themes such as tolerance, gender, differences and social inequalities inspired by world famous rebel heroine Pippi Longstocking created by Astrid Lindgren. During the project the children collaborated with professional directors, actors and authors and the aim of the project was to stimulate children to approach wider perspectives and gain a greater understanding for one another, regardless of social or ethnic circumstances. Da Pitamo Pipi (Let’s Ask Pippi) took place between 17th of November-5th of December 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia.

WORKSHOP LEADERS Danijela Stojkovic, Tijana Milosevic
PRODUCER Milorad Jovanovic

Society for Animation and Children’s Drama Creativity with Pan Teater and Innovadora Stockholm.

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Expressive Painting

Expressive Painting (2015)

FOTO Marcus Fransson

Who am I? What do I want? What do I see?

Through the art of painting we are able to express emotions, thoughts and identity. The workshop Expressive painting offers a space for women in the age of 15-25 years to work with their personal development within a calm and creative atmosphere.

Historically, painting has been one of the first ways of communication and expression before writing. Upon using the image as a tool we will express ourselves through colours, movement and dialogue.

No previous experience is necessary. All material is included.

MENTOR Ulrika Hembjer
PARTICIPANTS Members of Solna Ungdomscafé

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