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The World Has Been Sad Since Tuesday (2022)

A man suddenly gets wings. A group of children get caught in a sea of light. Two people get married, but the bride’s ring finger won’t stop bleeding. Based on three short stories by the master of magical realism Gabriel Garcia Márquez, the question is asked: what happens when man is struck by the great and incomprehensible?

The World Has Been Sad Since Tuesday is a scenic candy bag of humor, seriousness and recognition. The performance is based on a physical narrative that plays with the genre of magical realism. We meet characters who experience that which they longed for the most, but absolutely cannot understand. Through subtle, sad and absurd stories, we grapple with the beginning, middle and end of life.

Jamil Drissi
Joséphine Wistedt
Harón Sánchez
Monica Albornoz

Artistic team:
Direction & editing: Shari Sabel Strandmark
Scenography: Anja Ruehle and Aitor Casero
Dramaturg: Eva-Maria Benavente Dahlin
Choreographer: Joséphine Wistedt
Costume: Anja Ruehle
Mask: Lena Strandmark
Sound & music: Katharina Stenbeck
Lighting: Angela Ximenström
Graphic form: Andrea Devia-Nuño
Produced by: Simon Revilla/aliasTEATERN in collaboration with Innovadora Stockholm

With the support of Kulturrådet, Stockholm stad, Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse, Svante Bergströms teaterstiftelse.

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