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MENTORA recognises the difficult situation of being a young woman in Guatemala and protests against severe sexual and physical violence and patriarchal structures that cause some of the country’s most urgent problems. MENTORA is an individual mentorship programme for young women in post-war Guatemala offering personal and professional development with a small economical contribution. MENTORA reaches out to young studying women and mothers aged 18-30 who are in need of support in order to continue their studies. MENTORA operates throughout the two semesters of the year, providing the female participants with small economical contributions as well as connects them with professional adults both in Guatemala and Sweden who function voluntarily as their mentors through personal meetings or via Skype, email and Whatsapp.

FOUNDED BY Helena Pettersson, Shari Sabel Strandmark, Carmen López, Andrea Valenzuela, Jaime Barrios and Fabio Moreno

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